Customer Testimonials for ALL-TEST Pro de-energized testing, energized testing, and training

Product Testimonials

"We have used the ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND™ to troubleshoot and identify issues with both critical and non-critical motors at the plant.  We also use it to quality test all incoming motors before commissioning. 

"We have a lot of sophisticated diagnostic tools including vibration, current signature, and other FFT-based analysis systems.  When troubleshooting a motor, the ALL-TEST is an important part of the “final say” at our plant.  It enables us to pinpoint the problem, and it has always been right. 

"I highly recommend the ALL-TEST." 

Peter, Vermont Yankee Nuclear, Entergy   

“We are a full service Predictive Maintenance Company who offers a host of tools to evaluate a facility. Technologies like vibration analysis, infrared thermography, oil analysis, motor circuit analysis, ultrasound and electrical harmonic and grounding studies.  Without motor circuit analysis with the ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND™ our evaluations would be incomplete.  The data collected will let you ‘see’ inside the circuit and motor windings without having to dismantle anything.  This technology is incredible!  It is fast, accurate, and very reliable.  I have staked our company’s reputation on it many times, and have always come out of it looking like a hero.”  

Geoff, Evaluation Services, Humbolt, Iowa. 

By this letter, I highly recommend the use of the ALL-TEST PRO On-Line II™ for measurement and diagnostic of   motors, a useful and effective tool for Motor Predictive Maintenance, where continuity and consistency in the  
operation of this equipment are of vital importance to the achievement of objectives and to the customer.

Specifically I recommend this model by its feasibility to measure and collect data to analyze the fault without stopping, disconnect or in the worst case, decouple a motor.

In our particular case, we have had important findings of failures in installed motors and in certain cases, we have found with an external analysis; even though we have found problems in contractors, drives and blades that feed our engines.

The connection of the equipment to collect the data of each motor is very simple and fast, this due to its feasibility to make it through the MCC, the analysis of failures is very easy with the software and the report is very simple and quick to read for complete results.  All the mentioned before makes easier our commitment for Predictive Maintenance and guarantees the operation of the motors.

Without anything else, I confirm the importance of including this analysis to the Predictive Maintenance Program and the economical benefits that we have received (by eliminating line stoppages and main repairs) by using this equipment in our plant.

Mario, Technocast, S.A. de C.V.

Training Testimonials


"This was a great course, from basic concepts of how a motor works all the way to using a time wave form to finding machine faults."

 Koontz Wagner  


"I found the instructor, Bill Kruger, to be friendly and knowledgeable.  I felt that I learned the right stuff the right way."

Alcoa Messena  


"I am very happy with what I learned, and others in the class have said the same thing.  I'm definitely glad I went."
 Alcoa Messena