The ideal instruments for troubleshooting, quality control
and predictive maintenance of electric motors, transformers and generators.

De-Energized Testers

  • Detect faults in all motors and types, including transformers and generators
  • Auto diagnosis within instrument - immediate health status report
  • Route-based testing and trending - ideal for predictive maintenance
  • Tests can be performed from distances of over 1,000 feet away

Finally! Predictive Maintenance Made VERY Easy!

  • Detects potential winding faults in AC and DC motors, transformers, generators, alternators, and other winding devices for PdM trending
  • Rotor testing for issues such as eccentricity, broken/fractured rotor bars, and casting voids
  • Measures resistance, impedance, inductance, phase angle, current frequency response, plus insulation to ground tests (500V and 1000V)
  • Perfect for troubleshooting and inspection of incoming or stored motors prior to installation or repair
  • Displays complete condition of stator windings, rotor and connections
  • Quick test comparison between first and last test in only minutes
  • Offers complete picture of motor condition without having to stress-test the windings or use other more expensive or elaborate instruments
  • Motor health trending tests offer historical testing data comparison at a glance
  • Most powerful tool to analyze/diagnose the special 3-phase motor-generators used in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Accurately tests the motor-generator while installed in the transmission
  • Unique state of health (SOH) motor-generator diagnostics assist the user in determining if there are any long, intermediate, or short term pending failures, all without the need to remove the motor from the vehicle
  • Locates winding faults such as turn to turn and coil to coil, along with grounded windings
  • Rotor test helps detect problems such as broken rotor bars and eccentricity
  • Measures impedance (Z), phase angle (Fi), current/frequency response (I/F), and insulation to ground resistance (500V or 1000V and measure to 500 meg-ohm)
  • Performs a quick pass/fail rotor test
  • Locates winding faults such as turn to turn and coil to coil, along with grounded windings
  • Measures impedance (Z), phase angle (Fi), current/frequency response (I/F), and insulation to ground resistance (500V or 1000V and measure to 500 meg-ohm)
  • Data Analysis: Enter test readings from the MOTOR GENIE® instrument to the data fields in the App.  Select TEST button.  The App will calculate and show the evaluation of the motor connections and stator windings.
  • Data Storage: The App allows the user to add a New Test, Sync Data and Test a previously saved motor again. 
  • Reporting: The History Tab allows users to view saved test results and/or email report data.
  • Account Info: Shows the user data entered during App set up.
  • Inexpensive: MOTOR GENIE® App is $99.

Energized Testers

ALL TEST Pro On-line II Energized Tester
  • Two complete instruments in one: Electric Signature Analyzer (ESA) and a Power Quality Analyzer (PQ)
  • ESA mode evaluates the condition of incoming power, the control circuit, the motor itself, and the driven load
  • PQ mode used for energy data logging, harmonic analysis, voltage and current charting, viewing and capturing waveforms, including sags and swells, transient capture and event capture
  • Results can be trended for condition based maintenance/predictive maintenance purposes
ALL-SAFE Pro Connection Box
  • Permanently installed accessory which offers significant advantages over conventional methods for the temporary monitoring and measuring of power systems
  • Determine a motors condition with a minimum of risk, error, and trouble
  • Certified by CSA and complies with the EC requirements for a rated input of 1000V
  • For motors or generators over 1000Vrms it can be connected via potential transformers and current transformers

Complete Motor Testing Assemblies

The MD III™ Assembly includes all you need for complete Energized and De-Energized Testing of Motors, Generators   & Transformers. Combine the power of Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA™) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) to evaluate and trend your entire motor system.



Professional Systems

ALL-TEST PRO Professional System 5™

The ALL-TEST PRO Professional System 5™ combines the analytical and trending power of the hand-held ALL-TEST PRO 5™ and ALL-TEST PRO 31™ tools with the advanced analysis and motor management capabilities of the MCA PRO™ enterprise software. This comprehensive package will greatly improve plant productivity and reduce operating costs, with a low investment for a rapid ROI.