The ideal instruments for troubleshooting, quality control
and predictive maintenance of electric motors, transformers and generators.

Professional Systems

The ALL-TEST PRO Professional System™ combines the analytical and trending power of the hand-held ALL-TEST PRO 5™ and ALL-TEST PRO 31™ tools with the advanced analysis and motor management capabilities of the MCA PRO™ enterprise software. This comprehensive package will greatly improve plant productivity and reduce operating costs, with a low investment for a rapid ROI.



ALL-TEST PRO Professional System™

The ALL-TEST PRO Professional System™ is our de-energized combination for Diagnostic and Predictive Maintenance. It combines the basic trouble-shooting and real-time rotor test of the ALL-TEST PRO 31™ and the Analytical and Trending Power of the ALL-TEST IV PRO™. Together with our included powerful EMCAT PRO® analysis software it provides immediate results and trending as to the health of stator and rotor, and produces reports and work orders.