ATIV™ Questions

If the battery charging indicator comes on when the power supply is connected but the batteries do not charge, this could be an indication that the batteries are in need of replacement.  The batteries in your ALL-TEST IV PRO can be replaced by a qualified electronics repair technician.  There are six (6) AA Nickel-Metal Hydride in the unit: Four (4) in the battery compartment, and two (2) inside the instrument.  The batteries should always be replaced as a set.

From the main menu: right arrow to INS; click OK; with the screen cursor flashing on #1, press OK and hold for about 1 second until the voltage indication changes.

May indicate that the motor shaft is being turned, small voltages may be present on the motor leads due to electromagnetic induction or grounding issues, or if the winding resistances are below the instrument range. Confirm the  absence of voltage using the AT31™ EMI test mode or other suitable volt meter capable of accurately measuring voltage below 1 volt.  If "Bad Readings" is displayed, press OK on the ATIV™ key pad to skip to the next phase.  However, note the phase to phase test results may be compromised.  Contact for more information.

Yes, if a shielded 4mm banana jack type is used.

No.  This is not recommended.  Contact support at

Yes.  The main edit screen displays and allows editing for test set name, hp, date/time, resistance, impedance.  It also provided the screens and menus to manually delete test data from the instrument.

No.  The instrument requires a solid steady connection.  Any change in the connection during testing can result in erroneous readings.