AT33 IND On-Line Course

View at your own location our MCA™ (De-Energized) training condensed into a three hour video. This video will expire after 30 days. It prepares you to troubleshoot all types of electric motors, coils, windings, and improve the reliability and uptime of your plant. This public course is appropriate for both supervisors and technicians. Course materials include Workbooks and Motor Circuit Analysis Manual.

You can start and stop your viewing of the video to complete the workbooks and class assignments.

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AT33 IND™ On-Line Course This introductory, Pre-recorded course will present the theory and application behind the latest techniques in evaluating the condition of low voltage, 3 phase, squirrel cage induction motors. This course goes beyond the standard measurements of insulation resistance to ground and winding insulation to enable the user to easily and automatically evaluate both of the motors insulation system. The class will also describe the measurement techniques in low voltage motor testing, the theories behind them and how to apply them. It will also discuss how to collect and interpret the data taken with the ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND™.