3 Day Motor Circuit Analysis Training Course - Level 1

Course Type: On-Site Classroom
Course Number: 10014

Three days, at the customers’ site, of MCA™ (De-energized) training introduces you to MCA™ (de-energized low voltage winding insulation testing). This course presents the basic theories and principles necessary to understand the concepts and principles associated with this technology. It identifies the types of faults, and guidelines that can be detected with this motor testing method. This course uses a combination of theory and hands on exercises using the instruments to provide the student with a basic understanding of this very powerful de-energized winding testing method. This course prepares you to test & troubleshoot single phase and 3 phase AC electric motors, coils, and windings, and improve the reliability and uptime at your plant.
Course Materials include Workbook and Motor Circuit Analysis Manual.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Understand why most winding insulation degradation goes undetected until catastrophic failure occurs
  • Describe the main types of failures associated with AC Motors
  • Develop a basic understanding of how the chemical makeup of the electrical insulations can affect its response to injected low voltage signals
  • Understand the basic laws & principles of Electro-magnetism
  • Review the basic physics principles such as the Oersted’s & Faraday’s law, combined with the theory of relativity & Maxwell’s equation & other atomic & electrical laws that have led to the development our modern electrical machinery & learn how these principles combine to affect the electrical response of signals injected to the machines winding system
  • Describe how changes in the insulation systems affect the R, L, Z, and I/F of the winding system
  • Explain how Joule’s Law, Ohms Law, and Faraday’s Law affect the various measurement used in MCA™
  • Identify the components in the winding system; factors that determine Resistance (R), Inductance (L), Capacitance (C), & Impedance (I/F)
  • Use the AT5™ to establish a machines condition using static testing & to manually measure R, L, Z, Fi and I/F
  • List the different types of AC Motors, identify their components and describe the purpose of each component
  • Understand how the major components are assembled and how different configurations affect motor operation, efficiency, and response to low voltage injected signals
  • Review how the rotating magnetic field and torque are developed in an AC induction motor
  • Understand how motor shaft speed is affected by Voltage, Current, Nameplate Speed and Rated Power
  • Learn how electrical insulation fails & the various failure stages & how to use MCA™ to identify the failure stages
  • Review the various techniques available to identify electrical insulation failures in winding systems
  • Familiarize themselves with the various measurements and guidelines associated with MCA™
  • Use MCA™ measurements to evaluate a motor’s winding insulation condition
  • Learn how to recognize when to correct MCA™ readings caused by “Rotor Position”
  • Learn how to verify & correct for winding insulation alarms caused by “Rotor Position”
  • Understand the most common faults associated squirrel cage motors
  • Learn how to perform a dynamic test using the AT5™
  • Learn to perform, interpret & evaluate an AC squirrel cage induction motor’s winding & rotor condition using the AT5™ DYN test
  • Learn how to set-up & operate the MCA™ Basic software
  • Understand how to connect AT5™ to host computer, upload MCA™ tests stored in an AT5™ to MCA Basic software input buffer
  • Learn how to map data from input buffer to permanent machine data base
  • Learn how to create & print reports from the MCA Basic™ software

Additional Course Information

Technology or Other Requirements: Students attending this course must bring their own laptop. Laptop must have administrative rights to install software. Minimum operating system and software to be installed on the laptop should be Windows XP, with Microsoft Word and Excel 2003.

Format: Blended, Self Paced and Instructor Lead Classroom

Assessment Style: Graded Test, Pass/Fail

Cost: $ 10,495.00 USD, Price includes course material for up to 10 attendees, instructor’s travel & expenses in the USA & Canada. Prices may vary for events held outside the United States and Canada.

Duration: : 3 Days/22 Instructor Led Hours,2 Self paced hours

CEU Award: ALL-TEST Pro, LLC is authorized by IACET to offer 2.4 CEUs for this program. As an IACET Accredited Provider, ALL-TEST Pro, LLC offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard.

Instructor: William Kruger