3 Day Motor Circuit Analysis Seminar Using the AT33 IND™ *

Course Type: On-Site Classroom
Course Number: 10031

Three days of training at the customers site covering De-Energized testing. Price includes course material for up to 10 attendees, instructor’s travel & expenses in the USA & Canada. Develop your MCA skills, learn to easily trouble shoot and carry out predictive maintenance analysis.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Identify the components in the winding system; factors that determine Resistance(R), Inductance(L), Capacitance(C), and Impedance(I/F)
  • Describe how changes in R, L, Z, and I/F affect the winding system
  • Explain the Lenz Law, Ohms Law, and Faraday’s Law
  • Use the basic MCA instruments to manually measure R, L, Z, Fi and I/F
  • List the different types of AC Motors, identify their components and describe the purpose of each component
  • Determine Motor Shaft Speed based on Measured Values of Voltage, Current, Nameplate Speed and Rated Power
  • List the main types of failures associated with AC Motors
  • Describe the various techniques available to identify electrical failures in winding systems
  • Explain the various measurements used in MCA
  • Evaluate a motor’s winding condition based on MCA measurements
  • Explain the process for correcting MCA readings caused by “Rotor Position”
  • Explain the purpose of the ALL-TEST PRO 31™, ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND and describe their features
  • Obtain data from a 3 phase AC motor using the ALL-TEST PRO 31 and the ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND (on the AUTO and manual modes)
  • Evaluate the condition of an AC Motor based on the measurements taken with the ALL-TEST PRO 31 and ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND
  • Demonstrate the ability to upload data stored in the ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND onto the AT33 IND™ Software and generate a machinery report
  • Explain the 4 Primary Maintenance Philosophies
  • Describe the 3 phases of Predictive Maintenance

Additional Course Information

Technology or Other Requirements: Students/Attendees must have access to PC for software, demonstration and exercises. If the customer has already purchased the AT33 IND™ Software it must be installed by the IT Dept prior to the start of the course.

Format: Blended, Self Paced and Instructor Lead Classroom

Assessment Style: Graded Test, Pass/Fail

Cost: $9,995.00, Prices may vary for events held outside the United States and Canada

Duration: 3 Days/21 Instructor Led Hours, 2 Self Paced Hours


Instructor: William Kruger