How to Buy

ALL-TEST PRO® instruments are distributed throughout the world. Contact us for your local representative.

In the USA and Canada, plus many other countries around the world, Lease Financing is a common method for acquiring capital equipment. For USA/Canada customers we can suggest a Leasing firm if you don’t have one. Elsewhere in the world, just have your Leasing firm contact us for price and delivery information.

Benefits of Lease Finance

Leasing Conserves Capital – Growing, competitive companies need all the capital they can generate. With leasing, cash is not tied up in equipment equity. With no sizable down payment and small fixed monthly lease payments, leasing frees the capital businesses need to compete in today’s markets.

Expand Your Budget – If your budget doesn’t provide for a substantial capital outlay, leasing is affordable monthly payments can mean the difference between obtaining the equipment and productivity improvements now… or waiting for next year’s budget.

Tax Advantages (USA) – You may be able to take advantage of tax breaks utilizing Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code. This tax rule allows you to deduct a certain dollar amount each year from qualified equipment purchases.

For our USA & Canada Customers – RENT TO OWN

Many companies will have a substantial maintenance budget for repair and service that is often times larger than the capital spending budget. Consider renting the equipment, but instead of sending the equipment back at the end of the rental period- you own it!

Take advantage of our Rent to Own for the ALL-TEST PRO 5™, ATPRO 5™, ALL-TEST PRO MD III™, ALL-TEST IV PRO™, ATPRO™, ATPOL II™, and the ALL-TEST PRO MD II™.

Rent to Own means invoices show just a rental fee and no interest is charged. At the end of the rental period you own the equipment and can continue to enjoy the benefits of now owning the best portable electrical motor test equipment in the market.

ATP equipment saves money by improving uptime and reducing the trouble-shooting time to determine if the problem is electrical or mechanical. As an example, the cost of an ATIV™ has a typical payback period of only one to three months by just using it for incoming inspection and trouble-shooting. Rent to Own is a win/win situation because the equipment will pay for itself before it’s actually paid for.

For our USA & Canada Customers - BUY NOW

Purchase the ALL-TEST PRO 31™, the MOTOR GENIE® and the ALL-TEST PRO 33 IND™ along with their accessories from Amazon by clicking below.

Or contact us to get your local distributor.

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